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Ideas and Inspiration

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How to Choose the Right Pendants for your Kitchen Island

How do you light a kitchen island? By definition, it floats in the center of the room and each workstation deserves a clear pool of light, and many homeowners find that pendant lights are the most eye-catching and helpfully illuminating of all island lighting options. Pendant lights allow for distributed illumination and, of course, an elegant statement piece that drops from the ceiling to make your entertainer island the center of attention.

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Trending Style: California Casual

Suppose you're a homeowner who relishes a minimalistic home interior design characterized by wide plank boards, wood tones, leather accents, and oodles of white and tactile textures. In that case, you might already be California Casual-obsessed. "Light," "white," and "airy" are some of the buzzwords you'll hear popping up in conversations referring to this fabulous interior design style.  Ready to redefine and refine your interior décor by creating a warm, minimalistic, inviting, modern space? California Casual décor style might just be the design approach that incorporates all the elements that transform your home into the paradise you dream of. This article provides valuable insights into the California Casual style, how it differs from California modern, and how to achieve the California Casual minimalist look.
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How to Create a Cozy Reading Space

The best way to enjoy your weekly hours of reading is to create the perfect cozy reading space. The right reading nook can quickly become your favorite place in the house. If you are decorating for guests or hospitality, fellow book-lovers may also find delightful refuge in a...
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Say Goodbye to All-White Kitchens

The all-white kitchen has ruled neutral home design for decades. Since the dawn of mod minimalism in the 1960s, all-white interior design has been the definition of trendy simplicity. The obsession with straight edges, clean lines, and personality-free décor has ruled corporate and residential design for longer than many of today's homeowners have been alive.

But the all-white kitchen's day has finally come. It's time to say goodbye to the all-white kitchen of sharp lines in monochrome and finally embrace some color, shape, and style in trending kitchen design.

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Outdoor Holiday Lighting

If you are thinking of holiday lighting ideas this winter, consider not just strings and icicles, but also long-term holiday lighting solutions. Why not incorporate styles into your home that become beautiful holiday lighting? Why not...
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Adding Value to your Home: The Importance of Investing in Quality Lighting

It's hard to appreciate what you can't see. The quality of lighting in your home plays an important role in the home's value, both to you and future buyers. Gloomy rooms, light fixtures that cast shadows, and outdated fixtures all serve to hide the better qualities of your home that are already there. Even the most beautifully designed home can go unnoticed if it can't be seen. That is why Urban Ambiance seeks to provide the best modern lighting solutions for homeowners across the US.  

If you want to brighten your home, new lighting designs can chase away the shadows. If you want to accentuate the best qualities of each room, new light fixtures can transform an outdated space into a modern oasis. When it comes to renovations that increase the value of your home, quality lighting is an important place to start.